Ion charged

My understanding of matters of chemistry and physics is, to say the least, very limited. However my passion as an educator and in other endeavors in life is crystal clear to me. It occurred to me recently that ‘passion’ together with many of the positive words we use to illustrate its presence, inputs or results all end in “ion”. This revelation was accompanied by another, perhaps more startling one given my background, and that is that taken alone ‘ion’ is a word used to depict a type of building block of every physical thing – the air, water, human beings.

An ion is an atom –the smallest identifiable piece of matter that makes up the building blocks of every physical thing. – or molecule – a group of atoms. To be an ion the total number of electrons (subatomic particles with a negative charge) in the atom is not equal to the total number of protons, (subatomic particles with a positive charge) giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge. and

Ok, so an ion can, on balance be positively or negatively charged. Negatively charged ions, for example are good for health and healing. Our body system will not adequately function without negative ions. So negative ions can have a positive effect on people. Conversely positive ions can have a negative effect on people. To confuse things even further the removal of an electron from an atom is in fact called a positive ion and the adding of an extra electron is called a negative ion. Conclusion? Negative and positive in terms of ions are actually reversed. See

So to the relationship between ions and passion.

Passion has a positive effect on people.

To realise one’s passion requires self-awareness and hence the realisation of what makes us passionate and its stimulation into action. Some imagination is required in the generation and creation of passion. For some the practice of a captured passion is in fact an innovation or even a revolution. However to have true passion requires the motivation and determination to see it through. For some the projection of their passion is part of their vision to positively impact on others; for others it is a mission through vocation.

The outcomes of the generation of passion are full of emotion, and encompass such things as elation, jubilation and exhilaration both in the passionate person and the people whose lives they touch.

So passion is ion charged.

Who cares if in physics and chemistry ions are positive but really negative and negative but really positive

Passion is all about being charged up with the right ions.


2 thoughts on “Ion charged

  1. As a science teacher and passionate educator I enjoyed reading your post very much. Thanks for opening my eyes to this informatION.

    • Thanks for the comment Penny.I’m not a Science teacher so drawing the connections to chemistry/physics was a challenge. The rest was fun, but fun which carried a message. Glad you enjoyed it and share the passion.

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